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Rose Lauren
Rose Lauren
Before I found BE, I didn’t know how much I NEEDED BE. Not only is EVERYONE a lovely, warm, open person but together we are so empowered and encouraging. No matter your level or ability - the focus is not on how good you do it but how good it FEELS. I have found myself growing in so many ways and feeling loved and accepted as I am. I cannot recommend this more. My first week I was so not sure- and I’ve been going for years now. 🤍🤍🤍🤍 thank you everyone for making my life here so much brighter
Lovely teachers, amazing choreographies and incredible vibes!
Eva Lemmens
Eva Lemmens
Girls time on Monday evening is exactly what I need to start my week with a positive feeling! I've been following classes with Body Expressive studio for a few years now and I would really recommend it to anyone who loves dancing, whatever skills level you have. I also asked Kate (one of the instructors) once for a private session for a bachelorette party and we had so much fun! Everyone loved it, even people that had no dance experience at all. Kate immediately makes everyone feel relaxed and 'safe' to move in a way that feels good for you!
Jessica Chiche
Jessica Chiche
Liberating dance classes by teachers with great skills & a good sense of humor. I particularly love the body expressive studio because it's about feeling good, having fun, and it's accessible to all levels. Highly recommend it!
Emilie Bossens
Emilie Bossens
Body Expressive Studio is a unique concept in Leuven offering a wide range of sport classes, from body workouts to dance. And it is much more! This studio, hosted by talented Kate, is a lovely environment. You immediately feel welcome in the studio and it’s full of positive energy. I met wonderful girls there, which have become good friends. All instructors are such warm-hearted persons and they teach with so much passion. The focus of the dance classes lies on expression and feeling the music, not on how you look like. The instructors take their time to explain the steps of a choreography. I LOVE their (often hilarious) methaporhs to explain a movement! I always feel happy when I am there, and afterwards I drive home with a big smile 😊
Yazzi M
Yazzi M
I definitely recommend this place😁 Each Teacher Has his own talent for dancing. It's fun, engerie, lots of laughter, easy to learn and good communication. And you also get to know lovely people 🥰
Tunde Karacsonyi
Tunde Karacsonyi
Girls powers, Amazing experiences and Freedom! The place where the girls souls are connected. Devoted instructors. I'm so thankful to Body Expressive studio for keeping me always in a good mood, in the good shape and growing my self confidence. Every women have to get this experiences.
Charlotte Bary
Charlotte Bary
Good vibes with these pretty ladies!
Muriël Booms
Muriël Booms
Body Expressive studio is a wonderful environment where you can have fun, share emotions, release stress, get active & energised and discover parts of yourself you never knew existed. Oh, and the instructors? Warm, experienced and... just amazing :-)
Welcome to the Body Expressive Virtual and Body Expressive Leuven – a unique & cosy studio with a broad selection of group classes which you can join at the location or via Zoom. We offer fun cardio workouts, Pilates, and special Dance Classes, in which the way you feel, express and have fun is the most important! We welcome everyone. Both shy people and outgoing people will quickly feel home! No experience is required. 

You will find here a supportive atmosphere created by experienced, creative, and dedicated female instructors. No competition, no pressure, pure love, and care. Connect Online from each corner of the world, or come to the spot if you live nearby. 

Dance for fun and pleasure

Dance classes for fun are delicious, they make you feel alive, carefree, open and fierce. Fun is our goal, you can adapt moves to your own vibe. Type: Girls Time, Partyrobics, Heels Expressive, Chair Dance.

Dance for visual and creation

The visual dance classes work towards an outcome like a video, live shows in theaters or beautiful locations. We welcome complete beginners and experienced dancers to try this amaizing experience. Type: Dance Visuals.


Body Expressive

Space Tiensesteenweg 341, 3010 Leuven

SCHEDULE & BOOKING 💻 Online 🏢 Studio | (time displayed in CET / GMT+2)


Partyrobics® Cardio Dance 

19:00 – 20:00

Book Online | Book Leuven

Girls’ Time 

20:00 – 21:00

Book Online | Book Leuven

Dance Visual 

21:00 – 22:00

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Disco Step 

19:00 – 20:00

Book Online | Book Leuven

HEELS Expressive 

20:00 – 21:00

Book Online | Book Leuven


Playground Expressive

19.00 – 22:00

Book Online | Book Leuven


Soft Cardio 

9:30 – 10:00

Book Online | Book Leuven

Figure Training 

10:00 – 11:00

Book Online | Book Leuven

Partyrobics® Body Shape 

18:00 – 19:00

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Chair Dance Express 

19:00 – 20:00

Book Online | Book Leuven

Pilates + Stretch 

20:15 – 21:15

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Playground Expressive

13.00 – 16.00 or 17.00 – 20.00

Book Online | Book Leuven/Brussels

Studio classes:

Please read carefully the safety rules before booking live classes.

Late arrival or POP-UP class:

We require you to make a booking for each and every class in advance. If you had any issues booking in advance, or you are attending a POP-UP class (announced on a short notice), we will ask you to make a booking through the late booking link provided before starting the class.

Late Booking: Class | Workshop

Missed class

If you missed a class but want to check out the recording, use the links below. Use them also if you attended the class but did not book in advance to even align the accounts. You can use the same coupons as for a normal booking! Class Recording | Workshop Recording

Playground Expressive

 Join a 3-hour of Chair & Heels Dance workshop for every heart. It is an inspiring, open and safe space where you can explore your senses, and desires, connect with yourself and have the time of your life. No judgment, no pressure – just let go and have fun! 


Online class booking is for one connection in a household – invite your sister, mother, daughter or roommate and enjoy together!


10 €

Book Now

(30min class = 5€, 1,5h class = 15€, workshops prices vary)

FOR TRANSFERS: BE47 0018 3875 9480 Body Expressive

BUNDLES & PASSES Enjoy our classes for less or give someone a well-being gift

The bundles are coupons that deduct the price of the class on the booking check-out. You still need to book! The places of each class are limited. You can apply the price deduction from the cart or check-out page.


VIRTUAL GROUP CLASSES private atmosphere, HD streaming

Our online classes sustain the high quality we are known from the studio, with detailed instructor guidelines, a private atmosphere, and a feeling of face-to-face closeness and authenticity. We have high-quality equipment and experience working with movement in the Live Streaming. You can enjoy an immersive experience that will make you forget it is online. What’s more – each online booking counts for a household! Join with a roommate, family member, or invite friends for a care-day with your choice of a workout.

Body Expressive Studio Leuven

What our Virtual Classes are like? 

  • It’s a closed, private group with an interactive contact with your instructor, 
  • HD streaming of video and audio, 
  • Real human-to-human, authentic connection is our priority, 
  • Powerful dance experience that everyone can easily follow, 
  • Shared experience – each booking is for a household, so you can workout with roommates or family members,
  • Wonderful music, that keeps us released and empowered,
  • Energy and emotions driven class by Body Expressive Method of Teaching by K.Mortoń
    (focus on energy and feelings, not on perfection),
  • Safe – no moves or exercises that you could do wrong without a stricter supervision, you can do moves your own way (safety is our priority).



We want you to stay healthy, get in shape, feel empowered, well taken care of and loved. We create a safe, warm, accepting non-judgemental atmosphere, in which instructors are focused personally on each member. Workout or Pilates sessions, as well as passionate dance classes are conducted in a new teaching perspective called “Body Expressive” created by Katarzyna Mortoń (Kate). The way you experience the movement, your energy and how you feel, is central to this intensive workout, taking away the pressure of being “perfect” and teaching your body to seek joy in the motion you create. It is a holistic approach which connects, body, mind, energy and spirit, allowing you to take a greater experience of empowerment and other physical and emotional benefits from sport or dance.
When creating our studio, we seek to promote and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, using high quality second-hand and recycled decorations.
The Body Expressive studio space is run by Kate and Esther Ellen, both fitness and dance instructors with over 10 years of experience in delivering a wide range of group classes, leading public events and growing professional trainer networks.


Body Expressive Studio Leuven

Kate (Katarzyna Mortoń) is a Sport and Fitness instructor certified by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation of Poland.

She has been teaching all kinds of group lessons (strength, endurance, cardio, power, creative sessions, calm and dynamic) and she has been leading personal trainings since 2006 in Poland, England and Belgium. She does this next to her other professional activities related to media, journalism and civil society. From 2012, she has also been teaching dance classes. Her experience is comprehensive and her philosophy is holistic: she believes that all different motions of the body (training) are complementary to each other. She looks at motion in a multidisciplinary way and emphasises the importance of the psychological aspects of training and self-care and how these affect your energy.

She is the founder and CEO of Partyrobics Fitness, an international dance-clubbing-fitness brand, as well as of the Chair Dance Express concept. Kate coached/trained over 200 instructors in various classes, including her own concepts (dance and fitness) and regular fitness concepts, while growing a network of instructors.

She also works with dancers and fitness instructors and introduces them to the Body Expressive Methodologies she created (4 Energy Flows Theory, Deepening Teaching Method, etc.), that take away the attention from steps/performance and focus on the transition of energy and an inner feeling of motion.

Her concepts are at the moment taught on 25 locations in 3 countries. She has worked with important dance and sport organizations such as International Formula Windsurfing, Sport Vlaanderen, De Gymnastiekfederatie Vlaanderen (GymFed) and the Dance League of Belgium. Her projects were extensively covered by media including ELLE, Flair Magazine, Het Laatste Nieuws, Notelle TV, RTL Radio, the Belgium’s Got Talent Show, as well as the Canadian Metro and radio shows.

She delivered team-building workshops and body confidence sessions to some of the biggest Belgian companies (Telenet, Ikea, Partena), organised non-profit events for youth and women and voiced herself on matters of body confidence in public debates.

You can read more about her full activities here:

Body Expressive Studio Leuven

Esther-Ellen is driven by her two two passions: music and dance.

She holds a master’s degree in music from LUCA School of Arts in Leuven and obtained her teaching certificate. She is a dancer in the neoclassical “Danscompagnie ChoreoAtelier” working with Karen Pauwels, and a teacher in several fitness centers doing all kinds of group lessons, from fat burning, aerobics to BBB and more. She is also Partyrobics® Master Instructor, one of the concept’s main choreographers and a part of the managing team.

Her mission is to challenge people to step out of their “comfort zone”. At the same time, she creates for her students a safe, fun atmosphere that allows everyone to clear their head from their worries and let it all go! Having fun and feeling good are key points in her way of teaching.