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Welcome to “The Epilogue” project! The Epilogue is a short but emotionally intense choreography created by Kate to the track 2WEI feat.Edda Hayes – Survivor (Destiny’s Child Remix). The project is a part of the DANCE VISUALS shows, by the Body Expressive Studio team. Everyone is welcome to participate in our public and video performances, regardless of their experience.
The Epilogue isn’t only meant to be a “performance” but also a mental and physical experience for the public and for participants alike.


Dancers & the team: Audrey Pellissier, Elena Gambera, Alina Crisu

 The goal of the project: 

We would like to build 50-100 people (>) public experience that would be both a series of live performances and a professional dance-video. 
 Who can join the Epilogue?
Everyone who will commit to learn and dance choreography with their very soul. 
You don’t have to do moves “perfectly” but try to be emotionally invested in your presence. 
Dance experience is not at all relevant, nor necessary
When and where are the performances?
12th October SATURDAY Leuven (15.00 – 17.00 location A, 18.00 – 21.00 location 2)

17th November SUNDAY Antwerpen Central Station (18.00)

Brussels – to be confirmed.
We might add more ideas with time.
Do I have to participate in all “Epilogue experiences”
You can chose accordingly to your time schedule, join them all or just one.
What is the learning process for the choreography? 
Mondays 21.00 – 22.00 (22.07 | 19.08 | 26.08 | 16.09 )
Body Expressive Leuven

Saturday (28.09 – 19.00 – 21.00 ) 
Brussles Mounier Sport Centre

Friday (11.10 -19.00 -20.30)  General Rehersal
Body Expressive Leuven
You can join the rehearsals in-person at the location
You can join each rehearsal by ZOOM from your home
You can watch recordings later and study at home.
Detail video tutorial is provided and more dates will be added spotaniously
 What are the next steps?
1) You enrol in the Epilogue project via the website (costs 95  for all classes, rehearsals, materials and performance organization).
2) After you enrol you will get a password to the Epilogue membership platform to access the videos, calendar and ZOOM classes.
3) You will be also added to the Epilogue WhatsApp group for faster communication.
4) You show up to all rehearsals (in person, via Zoom or you study them) you can and follow the communication for preparations.

The Epilogue is also a closure of the DIMENSIONS show trilogy of Acts (Alpha, Meta, Frequency)

The Epilogue e choreography is meant to merge the concepts of “femininity” and “masculinity” into one super-power of unity. (Alpha Act). This synergy also infuses the transcending feeling of connection with the surrounding time and space (Meta Act), as well as musical, emotional and colouristic frequency (Frequency Act). 
Watch the story behind the Epilogue by Kate (Katarzyna Morton).

Visit the DANCE VISUAL page

Background Information

Can I join if I am a complete beginner?

Yes! Really yes! We have years of experience in leading open space classes, which is also reflected in our method of teaching. We are always proactive about your comfort and safety, and your full understanding of a movement. Furthermore, we give options to more complex steps – so beginners and advanced dancers can jump on what is comfortable to them. 



The philosophical foundation of our view on teaching dance comes from the world-view that was shaped on the multidisciplinary research and experience of our team. Kate who founded the concept has a professional political, journalistic and human rights background which contributed to great care in terms of choices related to vocabulary and educational tools. We are aware and supportive of all types of diversity – gender, neurodiversity, experience diversity and personality variety (shy people, people who need more learning time, outgoing people). Moreover, we have an acute understanding of trauma release methods and shape our classes in such an open and versatile way, that our students can take what they need to fit their journeys, without imposing a rigorous learning curve or rigid rules for how they should do so (safety is an exception) or what to aspire to (we replaced “confidence” with “liberty”). We give choreography an emotional and technical guidance, but you can channel your vibe on it. 


about the body expressive house & network

 The Body Expressive Method was founded in 2015 by Kate and has been gradually crystallizing since then. For a decade there have been dozens of Instructors worldwide who got certified in various formats like disco-fitness Partyrobics, Chair Dance Express or Heels Expressive (co-developed by Alina Crisu).

At a local level, 3 Belgian Universities in both Flanders and Wallonia are currently offering our classes for their students. As such, we have had a fruitful cooperation with the Mounier Sport Centre for over 5 years and counting.

Additionally, dance studios, fitness studios and individual teachers incorporate the Body Expressive Method-based classes into their schedules. We have worked with national dance and sports associations and were widely covered by the local and international press.


We wholeheartedly support and cheer for the ever-growing diversity in the dance world that surrounds us.The variety in style, teaching approach, skill-building goals and the world view behind all of these are what make the microcosm of dance classes beautiful. This versatility assures that dance students can find what they like or need at any given time and explore, get a taste, and grow.

Although the temptation of our inspiring surroundings is constant, for our Playground Expressive workshops, we have decided to focus on the Body Expressive Method exclusively. Our method has been part of our expertise for over a decade and has always worked to an overwhelming extent, with the feedback from students and instructors exceeding any of our expectations. 

Because of our constantly expanding instructor team, which originates from different backgrounds and creates excellent work, we get much more choreographic material than we can process in our Playground Expressive workshops.

Due to these circumstances, at this moment, solely Master Body Expressive Method certified instructors lead our Playground Expressive events. We are however keeping our mind open for any future synergies whenever space will allow it.