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Body Expressive Team On Tour: Brussels 

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The delicious, inspiring and stimulating Playground Expressive workshops that are 3-4h long have been held twice a week (Sun & Wed) at the Leuven studio. We are thrilled to officially launch our Brussels edition! Following the growth of the Body Expressive Method Instructor team and requests from our students that have travelled to us from other Belgian cities, the Playground Oxytocin Brussels has crystallized. 

Alina’s choreography to Under The Influence (Chris Brown): Brussels 8.06.24 17.00-20.00


Welcome to the Playground Expressive Brussels: “Oxytocin”

Oxytocin is a hormone of love, security and closeness – exactly what Body Expressive Playgrounds are all about. 

Saturdays 8.06 (17.00) and 6.07 (19.00) Mounier Sport Centre

Choreographies 8.06: “Down on me” Jeremih by Kate, “Under the Influence” Chris Brown by Alina, “Watch Me Burn” Michele Morrone by Audrey

Audrey’s  choreography to “Watch Me Burn” Michele Morrone: Brussels 8.06.24 17.00-20.00

Brussels “Oxytocin” Playground Expressive

The 3-hours Heels Expressive event is for complete beginners and dance veterans (we are giving movements variations for different levels or people with minor injuries). Our main common goal is an authentic emotional expression. We will discover pleasure through dance, accompanied by delicious choreographies. If you are new here, you probably want to understand better what’s special about our formats and who we are. 

Before we get there, however, we invite you to check the Instagram Teaser of 3 choreographies that we will teach. Words are easy to write, but it is vibe & energy that speak volumes. 

If you like what you see, if you connect to what you see, or simply you are curious enough – come join us! Whether you are shy or outgoing, never danced or were born dancing – find your happy place at the Playground Oxytocin!
See more dates for Playground Expressive at the Body Expressive Studio, Leuven (20 min from Brussels).


About Heels Expressive and Body Expressive Method


As you might notice, all our concepts and methods are symbolised by the word Expression. A natural expression – when you let it all go, when you lose yourself in a sound – it is the mindset we want to achieve. We see choreography as a tool for achieving that state. We don’t want you to just learn it, or even dance it, but live it with a full heart.

How it translates on the Heels Expressive?

1) The choreographies are created in a way that your emotional energy can be open (the terms known for our method).

2) When we teach, we put equal emphasis on technique, energy attunement, and emotionality. (You will notice a difference in our way of teaching).

3) You can adapt a choreography to your own comfort (if you have any minor injuries, or feel discomfort when performing a move), you are free to ask us to give you replacement moves).

4) The central point of the technique is safety. We draw it based on recreational movement and body anatomy.

5) The atmosphere is warm, fun, at ease and with no pressure. We are playful, and we want our energy and senses to play, test and explore.

6) We don’t precondition anything: you might find joy, other people might find passion, some will feel free, others sexy. Whatever feelings oxytocin  might bri
ng up in you – we will find it together 

Alina’s choreography to “Unholy” by Sam Smith will be taught on Oxytocin Brussels 6.07 

Kate’s choreography to “Dirty Diana” by MJ will be taught on Oxytocin, Brussels 6.07 

Background Information

Can I join if I am a complete beginner?

Yes! Really yes! We have years of experience in leading open space classes, which is also reflected in our method of teaching. We are always proactive about your comfort and safety, and your full understanding of a movement. Furthermore, we give options to more complex steps – so beginners and advanced dancers can jump on what is comfortable to them. 



The philosophical foundation of our view on teaching dance comes from the world-view that was shaped on the multidisciplinary research and experience of our team. Kate who founded the concept has a professional political, journalistic and human rights background which contributed to great care in terms of choices related to vocabulary and educational tools. We are aware and supportive of all types of diversity – gender, neurodiversity, experience diversity and personality variety (shy people, people who need more learning time, outgoing people). Moreover, we have an acute understanding of trauma release methods and shape our classes in such an open and versatile way, that our students can take what they need to fit their journeys, without imposing a rigorous learning curve or rigid rules for how they should do so (safety is an exception) or what to aspire to (we replaced “confidence” with “liberty”). We give choreography an emotional and technical guidance, but you can channel your vibe on it. 


about the body expressive house & network

 The Body Expressive Method was founded in 2015 by Kate and has been gradually crystallizing since then. For a decade there have been dozens of Instructors worldwide who got certified in various formats like disco-fitness Partyrobics, Chair Dance Express or Heels Expressive (co-developed by Alina Crisu).

At a local level, 3 Belgian Universities in both Flanders and Wallonia are currently offering our classes for their students. As such, we have had a fruitful cooperation with the Mounier Sport Centre for over 5 years and counting.

Additionally, dance studios, fitness studios and individual teachers incorporate the Body Expressive Method-based classes into their schedules. We have worked with national dance and sports associations and were widely covered by the local and international press.


We wholeheartedly support and cheer for the ever-growing diversity in the dance world that surrounds us.The variety in style, teaching approach, skill-building goals and the world view behind all of these are what make the microcosm of dance classes beautiful. This versatility assures that dance students can find what they like or need at any given time and explore, get a taste, and grow.

Although the temptation of our inspiring surroundings is constant, for our Playground Expressive workshops, we have decided to focus on the Body Expressive Method exclusively. Our method has been part of our expertise for over a decade and has always worked to an overwhelming extent, with the feedback from students and instructors exceeding any of our expectations. 

Because of our constantly expanding instructor team, which originates from different backgrounds and creates excellent work, we get much more choreographic material than we can process in our Playground Expressive workshops.

Due to these circumstances, at this moment, solely Master Body Expressive Method certified instructors lead our Playground Expressive events. We are however keeping our mind open for any future synergies whenever space will allow it.