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Thank you for your registration to the Body Expressive Instructor Network by Katarzyna Mortoń. We are excited to have you on board!
Our mission is to support all dance and fitness enthusiasts in becoming professional, progressive, and innovative leaders of their community. We believe that free body expression that connects mind, emotions, and energy with physical effort is a key for making any training fully empowering and unforgettable experience. If you agree with us or want to know more about it – you are in the right place! 
Body Expressive is the umbrella for the Partyrobics© and Chair Dance Express concepts, the Instructor Training Centre, Virtual group classes, and Leuven Studio classes.
We will respond to all your questions shortly via the email address you shared with us. 
In the meantime, you can check our brands: 
Leuven House and Virtual classes [www.bodyexpressive/Leuven] ( @bodyexpressivestudio)