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Class recordings

Missed a class? Or maybe you liked it so much you just cannot wait for next week?

You can now find some of the classes recordings below while waiting for the next live class.


Today is: 2024/06/18

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Test classes

Try-out some of the other Body Expressive Online live classes and see what you like!
The classes are part of the trial we offer to your company. You will receive the survey to let us know which classes you would like to see permanently on your schedule and access LIVE or review as a recording at any time. You can see our full schedule here.

Girl's Time

During this class, we work on one fun, passionate but easy to dance choreography with a touch of feminine empowerment. Song choices can vary from energetic Beyoncé “Single Ladies”,  dramatic “Shallow” of Lady Gaga and more alternative songs of Sevdaliza, Tender etc. Girls Time is very diverse in flavours! The teaching method is focusing on musical experience, feeling free and alive. There is no pressure on perfect moves, you can do it your own way, as long as you have fun. #BodyExpressiveMethod 

  • Creative for a mind
  • Empowering sensuality
  • Body Opening Liberating
  • Fun and Smiley


Pilates + Stretch

Calm but powerful exercises that focus on core stability, performed with fully controlled and aware movements. By practising Pilates you are developing flexibility, building strength as well as endurance of your entire body. Pilates is performed to soft, inspiring music that is both relaxing and mindful. 

  • Flexibility 
  • Posture correcting 
  • Back, neck muscles pain release
  • Mindfulness

Figure training + Pilates Stretch

Static, but powerful work-out for your entire body finished with a deep, relaxing stretch. You exercise all the muscle groups without over-intense energy to it. Pilates insert in this session ensures that there is extra attention given to your core. Music is carefully selected to fit morning mood and body that still is getting awake. The class is recommended for all ages and levels. 

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Core training 
  • Posture training

Thursday | Pilates + Stretch with Esther-Ellen

Thursday | Figure training + Pilates Stretch with Esther-Ellen


Cardio + Stretch

Easy, accessible, morning-pace cardio class with nice, energizing music. The class is finished with deep, relaxing stretching. The session is just a perfect day-starter. The class is recommended for all ages and levels. 

  • Flexibility training 
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Mood-boosting

Soft Cardio (30 min)

Refreshing, low impact, cardio class, accessible for beginners and trained people. It boosts your blood circulation, uplifts the energy and joyful-endorphins level.

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Soft body toning
  • Energizing

Monday | Cardio & Stretch with Esther-Ellen

Tuesday & Thursday | Soft Cardio with Esther-Ellen


Thank you for signing up for the Partyrobics® classes! Please read the information below before attending. Looking forward to seeing you at the next class!


  • Even though Partyrobics® looks and feels very simple, the methodology behind it is very thought through. Body Expressive Method by Katarzyna Morton aims to move and connect all the different dimensions of a human. It works with the mind (mental health), emotions (releasing and cleaning emotions collected in the body through traumas and tensions) and it is levelled to work out the entire body, making sure all muscle groups take part in the exercises.
  • To do that, it uses the 4 Energy Flows Theoryaccessing and training various energies in the body, that are linked to different emotions. The more you live the music and moves, the more efficient it will be. For that, the choreographies repeat for a number of classes, so you get more familiar with them and enjoy the class even more.

Dress Code

  • Partyrobics® is about self-expression, so feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable sweating in (sporty, sexy, comfy, etc)
  • Wearing: sport shoes is mandatory to avoid any accidents or injuries


  • As Partyrobics® is about dancing and great music, for the best experience we recommend you connect your laptop to an audio system (this is not mandatory, if this option is not available to you)
  • To better see the instructor and moves, we also recommend connecting your laptop to a TV/larger screen (again, not mandatory, if this option is not available to you)


  • Partyrobics® is not about perfection, it’s about letting go and enjoyment – the more you enjoy the music and moves, the more effective it will be.
    So just bring your body, put your smile on and have fun!  Feel free to involve your entire family!

Joining link

  • Each week unique links are created for each activity. You can find active links on the schedule above. Sessions are on Zoom.
  • In case of questions please use the chat icon on the bottom-right of this page, our team will be there to assist you.

Your Safety

    • It is advised to have a light stomach, meaning you should leave a 1.5 – 2 hrs gap after the main meal.
    • This is suitable for all abilities aged 12+.
    • Pregnant and post-natal women should participate with prior medical approval ONLY, as this is a high-intensity cardio class.

All activities are conducted with full attention and a priority to your security and health. By attending this session you confirm that you have no medical condition that would prevent your participation in dance and fitness activities and agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damage known or unknown which you might incur as a result of participating in the session, waving any and all rights to claim compensation and damages resulting from accidents.


Depending on which class you attend, here are also the benefits you get. Looking forward to see you at the class!