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Instructor Training Center

Looking for more? Visit Body Expressive Studio Leuven for weekly group classes and Sunday workshops – available in-studio and online.

Body Expressive Instructor Training Center by Katarzyna Mortoń

Body Expressive Instructors Trainings Centre reforms the traditional method of teaching fitness and dance group classes, focusing on a mental empowerment.
Additionally, it introduces unique classes formats that look at the movement from the energy and a body-mind connection point of view what makes a class to be a true experience. You can learn progressive skills and approaches that no one told you that exist.
Languages: English, French, Polish
Instructor Training Center
Instructor Training Center

Do you want to become a powerful instructor of dance and fitness? Do you want to obtain advanced, innovative, creative teaching skills, stay up to date with industry development, science discoveries, learn new session formats? Join the International Body Expressive Instructors network by Katarzyna Mortoń, an umbrella of Partyrobics© Fitness and Chair Dance Express and much more! How? Just fill in the form to receive all the info right to your email box!

Available Trainings

If you want to be informed about new training dates or want to inquire about custom training, please contact us at

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BodEx – Body Work Out Class

Dynamic body training for all your muscle groups with the use of your body weight and elastic bands. You perform exercises like squats, inner tights squats, lunges, arms lifts, abs crunches, etc. Sessions are mixed with elements of funky, musical cardio. The result is a full-body toning, developed strength (without growing size of muscles but focused on leaning them), improved endurance and cardio.
Instructor Training Center

Step, Aerobics and Kick Box Cardio

Cardio fitness classes with developing choreographies of different types.

Body Expressive Method – Dance classes as storytelling

The Body Expressive methodology is about how to teach dance, make an open-level choreography, that takes the best from the music, allows self-expression and brings a liberating vibe to the body and mind of anyone who you teach. The main foundation and groundbreaking part of the #BodyExpressiveMethod by Katarzyna Mortoń are THE ENERGY FLOWS. They are purely focusing on how energy changes when connecting steps and mind. And teaches people to recognize it, as they recognize the steps.
The workshop talks about industry tips. So, how to build a community of students you like and connect to and how to kick off fair, respectful and responsible relationships with them. Therefore it’s about finding your own voice as a teacher of a storytelling class.