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Sometimes things happen and you won’t be able to attend a previously booked class. We understand! If you cancel your booked class/event in a defined advance, we will refund you fully the bundled credit or card payment. The delays for full refund are different depending on the type of the event.

  • Group classes
    • Studio: up to 8 hours in advance
    • Online: up to 2 hours in advance
  • Workshops
    • Studio: up to 24h in advance
    • Online: up to 8h in advance
  • Instructor Training
    • up to 1 month in advance, but if your plans changed and you can’t make it in the agreed timeslot, you can choose any other date.

You can cancel the event yourself from My Account page. See the FAQ on how to cancel a class. If you booked using bundle credits, they will be refunded automatically. For any card payments, please contact us to receive a refund.